Liquid soap Vert Frais


Discover the Vert Frais liquid soap, a delicious bouquet of floral notes creates the heart of this fragrance, bergamot, citrus and grains mingle with the rich and daring verbena.

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the perfume composition

head notes : bergamot, verbena
heart notes : petitgrain, neroli
base notes : musk, sailor

Baudelaire, an inspiration

“But the green Paradise of childhood loves,
That sinless Paradise, full of furtive pleasures,
Is it farther off now than India and China?
Can one call it back with plaintive cries,
And animate it still with a silvery voice,
That sinless Paradise full of furtive pleasures?”

Charles Baudelaire ‘ Moesta et errabunda’

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500ml of perfume liquid soap (16.66 us fl.oz)