Christian Tortu, a florist ?

Christian Tortu is best known for single-handedly challenging the way the world sees flowers by mixing flowers, plants and vegetables in unique arrangements that strip away artifice and offer direct interpretations of nature.

A love story with nature

The whole story of Christian Tortu, the man, the florist, and the designer, starts in the garden of his parents, farm in France’s Anjou region.

Upon arriving in Paris he realized how much real nature was lacking here, in the very organized and planned parks.

He wanted to offer a new look at the use of plants, a free almost wild look, the look of his childhood.

With Christian Tortu, vegetal becomes a call to an imaginary journey ; a far from the known paths towards an unprejudiced and frontierless place somewhere.

Quickly, the world took note of his highly imaginative, but simple, arrangements.

His floral scenography has been featured at the Cannes Film Festival and at Chanel, Dior or Valentino fashion shows.

Art of living nature

To complete his way of seeing life, Christian and his team have developed different collections of vases, decorative items, scented lines and home accessories, always drawing in from pure elements.

In boutiques around the world, they try to offer new experiences by (re)discovering or (re)creating through the combination of senses.

They don’t offer bouquets, but the art of living, which begins with the art of seeing : flowers are no longer knickknacks, unchanging objects, but rather living elements that can make life softer and more beautiful.

Christian Tortu’s boutiques are where the art of living nature will supplant the simple flower shop.