Jardin Citrus, new fragrance

“Jardin Citrus makes me remember the hills in South of France like Menton, or the Ligurian Coast, Portofino , or Amalfi , even Andalusia and Morocco.” Christian Tortu

The Forêts
fragrances collection

The resin, the needles of the pine tree, the cistus labdanum, the leaves and the wood of the Virginian cedar, the tree moss and freshly cut grass blend in the addictive, unparalleled fragrance.

The ceramics

These ceramic leaves, done by hand, are a beautiful tribute to nature. We find all the simplicity, delicacy and purity of nature, in terme of shapes and colors.

Our candles collection

our table art

This collection, a full dinner set, is designed by imaging the moments we share, when tables are being set, where we will eat and drink, talk about the world or simply dream.

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